What's this all About?


We're going to examine Oliver's Scars & Tattoos.


Determine the chronology of when they happened.


Who gave them to him?


How did he end up with them?.

Season 4


Oliver's Scars

Oliver Queen arrived in the pilot sporting a litany of scars and tattoos.

Way back in the pilot Oliver having come out of the shower, examines his body in a mirror revealing by my count 15 scars and 3 tattoos that he accumulated in his 5 years away. Oliver arrived on Lian Yu with one single scar on the back of his head, I'm going to attribute that to a bar fight (same reason SA has it, its the only 'real' scar). Oliver also has a plethora of psychological scars that are harder to see.

Oliver Queen


Just how did we accumulate all these markings?

Lets examine how these were all accumulated and when. Chronologically, starting from when we first landed on Lian Yu.

Lian Yu


Who would inflict these?

There are several different people who inflicted Oliver's scars/tattoos. Some larger than others, some more than others. Lets find out.



What on earth caused these?

There is a line in season 3 where Olier describes what his scars were inflicted by, also noting that no grenades caused any.

The Scars

Oliver Queen

Chest, Abdomen & Shoulders

The visible scars we most often see are those on his chest, abdomen and shoulders, along with the Bratva tattoo and the chinese characters on his abdomen


Oliver has a very prominent tattoo on his left shoulderblade, and a crisscross of scars on his right. A large burn on his lower back and other assorted smaller scars.


There have been a couple times past and present where Oliver has been injured and the scar is just unseen after the injury occurs. Primarily due to it being inflicted on his legs. Oliver isnt one for wearing shorts it seems. There are also one or two injuries that didn't seem to leave a scar, when they probably should have.



Psychological scars are inevitable given the path Oliver has travelled. Oliver's most extensive scars are unseen; they are all psychological. They are evident in how he avoids and pushes people away; but are hard to see for most.



Before the Island

Before the island Oliver is an entitled brat, lets be honest. He is however predominantly a pristine specimen.

October 2007


  Lian YuYao Fei
   Chest, Back, Missing

Oliver is shipwrecked on an island, called Lian Yu; manderin for purgatory. (I had to)

As he is burying his father, he is shot with a stone arrow, encountering one of the island's inhabitants Yao Fei.

End of 2007


  Lian YuBilly WintergreenEdward Fyers
   Chest, Abdomen

Oliver got caputred by Edward Fyers, who had him tortured to try to gain information on the whereabouts of Yao Fei.

Early 2008


   Unaccounted For

Oliver's got a scar on his left shoulder that I've been unable to identify the source of.

Late 2008

The Captain Shot Him

  The AmazoThe CaptainDr. Anthony Ivo
   Abdomen, Missing

Aboard the Amazo Oliver was shot by the captain to proove his worthiness for Ivo's experiments. Handed a kit to stitch himself and retrieve the bullet as everyone else had, Oliver dutifully repairs himself. Curiously though, without scarring himself.