Shipwrecked on the Island

October 2007

Stone Arrow

Damnit that hurt!

Oliver finally arrives on the island and a few days later takes Robert's body to bury him. As he is laying rocks upon a grave, he is shot by a stone arrow.

Hello Yao Fei.


Right through the shoulder

Oliver is shot through his right shoulder; however this injury seemingly left no scar. Oliver should have a scar on his chest and on his back for this

Where are you?

The arrow leaves no scar?

Season 1 had zero shirtless flashback scenes, so we never had a good opportunity to see a scar. Either Yao has super miraculous herbal remedies for a through and through arrow wound, there was some type of wound and it was invisible (ha!) or there is a major continuity error that's been perpetuated since the beginning. I want to believe in the magic of Yao Fei, but I find it hard.

Our first opportunity to get a look at Oliver in flashback is Season 2's Identity; after he's bludgeoned one of the Amazo's men and is in the lake with Shado.

No scar on the Amazo

Our first opportunity to get a look at Oliver's right shoulderblade in flashback is Season 2's - Birds of Prey; as he is being torutured by Slade. This provides us our best view of Oliver's shoulderblade before Season 4's Blood Debts when it gets marked up by Conklin.

No scar in Hong Kong

Our next opportunity to get a look at Oliver's shoulder in flashback is Season 2's Finale - Unthinkable; after he wakes up in Hong Kong.

No scar back on Lian Yu

Our next real good opportunity to see Oliver's shoulder is in Sesaon 4's Blood Debts flashback; Conklin is taking a bullwhip to Oliver's back and issuing him several other scars we'll look at later.

No scar in Russia

Oliver's right shoulder still has no scar as of Season 5's premiere, Legacy.

The Behind the Scene's shot Stephen shared is really the best view

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