What's this all About?


The Flashbacks, man, we're in Russia. That means Bratva!


Based on Scars the Bratva were tough on Oliver.


Keeping the promise to Tiana, Oliver's here for him

The End?

This is the last season of flashbacks, we circle back to Lian Yu

Season 5


Season 5 Flashbacks

We are in Russia

Oliver is keeping a promise and has made his way to Russia.

Oliver in Russia is a promise that has been a long time coming since the pilot. Oliver used his Bratva connections thorugh season 2, when Slade killed Alexi Leonov putting his present day status with them in question.

Oliver Queen, Bratva


Oh the Russian Mob, how we've missed thee

Nobody in the Bratva uses their real names, nobody knows anything about anyone's life before they were Bratva. Its effective, they teach you that the only person you can trust is yourself that without personal attachment there can be no loss.

Constantine Kovar


Konstantin Kovar

Oliver parts ways with Lian Yu and Amanda Waller to hunt down Kovar to keep his promise to Tiana.


Is this the End?


Its been said this is the last year of flashbacks, so our Russian proverb provided by our favorite Russian Bratva, Anatoly, is appropriate.

"Акула, кто не плавает, не тонет." ~ “The shark who does not swim, drowns.”

The Players

Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen

Star(ling) City, USA     Bratva, Fmr.ARGUS Agent/Vigilante-in-Training

At the start of the season we find Oliver happily fighting in an underground Russian fight club, killing his opponent. Unfortunately for him his opponent worked for the Bratva, who were none too pleased that their most lucrative fighter was killed. Oliver's luck turned though because none other than his old island buddy Anatoly showed up and saved him, then basically had him beaten. It makes sense, I promise.


Anatoly Knyazev

Krasnoyarsk, Russia    Bratva Captain, Fmr. KGB

Anatoly is a Bratva Captain and an old ally of Oliver's. After running afoul of the Bratva by killing their best fighter, Anatoly steps in and saves Oliver's life before recruiting him to the Bratva.

Konstantin Kovar

Konstantin Kovar

Krasnoyarsk, Russia    Strongman

Mystery so far, we haven't met him yet


The Bratva

Krasnoyarsk, Russia    Organized Crime

Oliver's affiliation with the Bratva has been a long time coming. A member since the pilot, Oliver has used his Bratva connections to get information he needed as the vigilante. As of the end of Season 2 his present day status is questionable.



Landed in Russia


Russia has travelled to Russia to fufill his promise to Tiana.

Day 1

Fight Club

Oliver, Anatoly   
Krasnoyarsk, Russia  

Oliver is in shape and beating the crap out of people, then killing them. Though this gets him into some trouble with the Bratva.

Day 2

Training Puzzles

Oliver, Anatoly   
Bratva Facility  

Oliver wakes up in an undisclosed Bratva facility where his captors tell him and all the other men there to get on the line. Oliver is going to need to keep his wits about him and try to not get killed.