Day 2

Training Begins

On The Line

Oliver wakes up in a Bratva training facility, and is told to get on the line and ring the bell.

Oliver isnt too keen on this arrangement, but drags himself to the line with the rest.

Passing the Test

The point of the exercise

Oliver realizes that they cannot ring the bell without working together.



Anatoly walks out with Oliver, having congratulated him for passing. Oliver on the other hand is appalled, and says he never would have had the others help him if he knew it would cost them their lives.

This is when Anatoly teaches him his first lesson; The only person you can trust, is yourself.


Wounds = Scar?

Unfortunately for Oliver during the many melees he's opened up a wound and passes out.

This wound is clearly from the original beating, based on the fact that when he woke up his pants were blood stained. But which scar is it?

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