New Mission

Day 163

New Mission


Maseo & Oliver are in the market waiting for one of Chein Na Wei's delivery men to intercept a dead drop. Oliver spots him and begins to trail him and is almost immediately made, a brief chase ensues before Maseo hits the delivery man with his car, killing him. Unfortunately the envelope they were to intercept is missing.



Back at Maseo's Oliver is 'concentrating' and getting frustrated with his inability to remember where the envelope was stashed along the chase. Akio offers his help with a game of memory.

Paying Debts


Meanwhile, Maseo convinces Tatsu to help Oliver remember, because if they get Chein Na Wei the debt is paid. Tatsu happens upon Oliver & Akio playing Memory and sends Akio away, telling Oliver her son is off limits. Then Tatsu sits Oliver down and walks him through some meditative visualization to remember what he saw.

Dead Drop


Oliver & Maseo are back along the route of the chase, Oliver having remembered where the envelope was stashed. They quickly locate the envelope and discover a picture of a flock of sheep grazing by a mountain.



Maseo recognizes the photograph as a message concealed with steganography and feeds the picture into his computer. With a little manipulation they discover the message, a name, Li Kuan Hui.

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