A Weapon

Day 161

A Weapon

Useful Tool

Oliver is in the Hong Kong market on a com, trailing someone. Oliver's now a 'gun Waller points at thing's she doesnt like'. He needs to eliminate his target.

Cold Blood

Eliminating the Target

Oliver stealthily follows his ice cream cone eating prey.. Stabbing him in the heart while looking him straight in the eyes, Oliver swiftly dispatches his quarry. Before walking away, he retrieves a flash drive from the man's keychain.



Oliver sees Akio on a laptop and decides he want's to see what he's killed a man for. Akio has been told not to let Oliver use the laptop, but Oliver bargains his height in exchange for candy and the laptop. Opening the USB drive Oliver discovers files about Paris Air Flight 637 and demands a meeting with Waller.


Paris Air Flight 637

Oliver meets with Waller in the abandoned warehouse. He confronts Waller with the information about Fryers, Paris Air and Adam Casper and threatens to expose what happened and let them all free.


Single Target

Waller admits it was her plan to take down the plane, but unlike Fryers was lead to believe, it was to take out a single target, Chein Na Wei.

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