Oliver Queen is Dead

Day 154



The next morning Tommy is on the phone with Malcolm, arguing because it seems he took the jet without permission to find Oliver. Once his call ends Tommy is drugged by an unknown assailant.


Target of Opportunity

Tommy's unknown captor has him in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. His head's covered with a blindfold and he's tied to a chair. The blindfold is removed and his captor walks menacingly behind him then turns on an array of spot lights. Tommy threatens that his captor doesn't know who he's dealing with, he's wrong. Hacking into a dead billionaire's email was easy and he is going to make him a very rich man. Oliver Queen is dead, and he will be too if his father doesnt pay the ransom...


Maseo the Cop?

Siren's wail and his captor disappears and a 'policeman' arrives to rescue Tommy. Maseo and Oliver's eyes meet as he helps Tommy out and Oliver slips away.

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