Day 153

Hit Man

On the Rooftop..

Oliver and Maseo are on a rooftop a few days later setting up a sniper rifle to eliminate a target in the next building. Oliver still upset over the events of the past 5 months is angry, demanding to know why Waller would save him from Lian Yu only to make him her hit man. Unfortunately Maseo does not have answers to this question.


Tommy Merlyn

Oliver takes the rifle from Maseo and sets up. Peering through the scope he discovers his target is none other than Tommy Merlyn

A Test


Oliver refuses to kill Tommy, wondering if this was a test and if it was then Maseo should flunk him. Tommy is in Hong Kong because of Oliver's earlier email, dead men do not log into their email. Essentailly Tommy is now a loose end that Waller wants eliminated.

Back Home

Another Way

That night, Oliver wants to find another way, other than killing Tommy. His first idea is not the best, unlikely to find someone who looks like Tommy in the Hong Kong Morgue. Their argument ends with Maseo saying there is no other way, other than Amanda Waller finding someone else to execute Tommy.

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