5 Months Later

Day 150


Attempt #9

When we catch up with Oliver he is tearing through a Hong Kong market fleeing from an unknown pursuer. Grabbing a passer by's cell phone we hear a shot, and see his pursuer shooting at him. He continues fleeing barreling through the crowd and knocking over Simon's boxes, poor Simon. Inside a coffee shop, Oliver commandeers a terminal and starts an email to his mother. A shot rings out and the terminal is hit, thwarting Oliver's attempted email communication home. His pursuer knocks him out and retrieves him.


Principal's Office

Oliver has been brought to the pricipal's office, or rather an abandoned warehouse where Waller conducts business. Oliver seems despondant at the moment, challanging Waller to kill him if its so easy to kill a dead man. Waller turns to the pursuer and says they're goign to have to try another way.

The Yamashiro's


Oliver wakes to Tatsu cleaning his wounds, wondering where he is. Tatsu informs him that they are at Maseo's home.

Side Note: He says something he's said frequenly during these flashbacks, that he doesnt speak Chinese, but didnt Shado teach him? I digress.



In another room Oliver confronts Maseo wanting to know how to get out. Maseo is responsible for Oliver and tells him after a brief argument that Waller has threatened to kill his family, including his son, if he lets Oliver go. Maseo passes some advice onto him from his father, "A man cannot live by two names".

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