What's this all About?


After the Gambit went down in a storm, Oliver washes ashore on an island.

Lian Yu

Mandarin for purgatory, an ominous start to our adventure.


The spoiled party boy is going to have to learn some hard lessons


Our 3 survivors think they're alone, not for long...

Season 5


Curious what happened to Oliver?

We start to learn what happened to Oliver in the 5 years he was away.

Tragedy strikes Oliver when the Gambit goes down in a storm, and only he survives. Washing up on a seemingly deserted and uncharted island, Oliver will need to drop his rich kid antics and survive.

Oliver Queen, Bratva

Lian Yu

Mandarin for Purgatory

Oliver's first year on the island is a rough one, one could say it was hell. Oliver must learn who to trust, how to survive and ultimately how to fight to keep not only himself but his new friends safe.

Constantine Kovar


Survive & Learn

One of the first lessons Oliver learns is that he is capable, Yao Fei brings him a live phesant. If Oliver wants to survive and eat, he's going to have to make his first kill. Along the way picking up lessons in archery, marksmanship and hand to hand combat from his allies.


A Killer is Born

Battle is Won

In winning the battle with Fyers, Oliver has been turned into a killer, or the earnest beginnings of a killer.

Oliver, Slade & Shado think they're alone on the island. They will soon find out there are some unwelcome and unfriendly intruders lurking in the cove. They will all have to keep their wits about them to survive, and Oliver will need to continue to hone his newly developed skills.


A Note


I've placed those pre-Gambit sinking stories aside in their own section. Since they're a mishmosh of topics as well as crossing Seasons I figured that would be the best place for them.

Once its made, I'll link it here.

The Players

Oliver Queen

Oliver Queen

Starling City, USA     Fmr. Party Boy, Survivalist in Training

Oliver goes through some big changes his first year on the island. Washing up he is a cheating, no good, spoiled, two-faced, inconsiderate party boy (there are plenty of more adjectives that could describe pre-island Oliver, but I'm being nice). At the end of his first tumultuous year he has learned the skills he needs to survive.

Yao Fei & Shado

Yao Fei & Shado

China/Hong Kong    Skilled Archers

Yao Fei is the first person Oliver encounters on the island, he isnt exactly a welcoming party. Yao has been on the island for an indeterminite amount of time, being pursued by Fyers to be the fall guy in a plot to take down a commercial airliner. Shado is his daughter, who was kidnapped to ensure his compliance. Shado is a skilled archer and fighter, like her father.

Slade Wilson

Slade Wilson

Australia    ASIS Agent

Slade Wilson is an ASIS agent who was sent with his parter, Billy Wintergreen to extract Yao Fei. Things did not go as planned. After Oliver is sent to Slade by Yao, Slade proceeds to teach Oliver how to fight, use weapons and not get himself killed. This is only after Oliver is stubbornly defiant, because Slade would have killed him if he didnt have a spark.


Edward Fyers

USA    Mercenary

Edward Fyers is a mercenary who is on the island to perform what can only be speculated to be a black op for ARGUS to take down a commercial airliner. We won't learn until Season 3 exactly why. Fyers and his army are ruthless in their pursuit of Yao Fei and by extension Oliver, Slade and Shado.


Oct. 2007 - Day 0

The Queens Gambit Goes Down

Oliver Queen, Robert Queen, Sara Lance
Somewhere in the North China SeaThe Queens Gambit

The Gambit sinks in a storm, and only Oliver, Robert and the one crew guy made it to a life raft